Become A Stone Creek Dealer!

Stone Creek Dealers have access to hundreds and hundreds of fly-fishing related items including Fly Treatments (floatants, desiccants, sinkets), Streamside Tools, Tool Kits, Fly-Tying Tools and Accessories, Split Willow Creels, Fishing Vests and much more!

If you own or purchase for a Fly Shop, Sporting Goods Store, Online Store or other similar retail site, you most likely qualify. We also have discount programs for Guides & Guide Services too as we want guides using and recommending our products.  Just mark the "Guide" box on the application. See Below How To Apply For An Account! 

We offer some of the best products and brand names in the industry, including: Stone Creek, Uncle Rocky's, Water Mark, Loon Outdoors, MagEyes, Gear Aid, Water Gremlin & more!



We carry in excess of 250 different fly patterns in multiple sizes.Check out our fly pages to see what patterns you need!



To Become A Stone Creek Dealer:, or to update your current account, Visit There you can fill out an application, and upon approval you will be able to access Stone Creek's extensive line of Fly-Fishing products and view dealer pricing.

You can also contact us at or call us at 888-770-7476.